Machine : Fireball
Manufacturer : Bally (1984)
Type : SS (Solid State Electronics)

Fireball has a spinning rubber disc on the centre of the playfield, which sends the ball in completely random directions when the ball rolls over it.

In addition to the spinning disc, there are three small pop bumper about halfway up the table, two yellow once on the left and right side, and a blue one in the centre.

Hitting either of the yellow bumpers at the side will cause the flippers to move closer together, closing the gap at the bottom of the table where you would normally lose the ball.

Hitting the blue bumper will cause the flippers to spring back out to their normal positions.

Fireball also features a simple skillshot feature, where launching a new ball at precisely the right strength will drop the ball into a well placed gap at the top of the table and score 3000 points. Launch the ball too hard, or too gently and you'll miss that gap and those valuable points.

Fireball also features two 'lock holes', into which you can trap your ball, one on the left of the table and one on the right. This will give you a new (free) ball to launch. Hitting the yellow bumper on the opposite side to where you have a ball locked will release the locked ball and give you multiball.

Gameplay Video


Spinning Rubber Disc


Left Lock Hole

Flippers Eye View


Pop Bumpers

Messenger Ball

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