Machine : Gigi
Manufacturer : Gottleib (1963)
Type : EM (Electro-mechanical)

Gigi has two banks of bumpers, one bank of 7 red bumpers (numbered 1-7) and one bank of 7 yellow bumpers (also numbered 1-7).

Hitting a bumper turns its light on. The aim of the game is to turn on either all red bumpers, or all yellow bumpers. Doing so will award you one 'advance'.

Getting 4 advances in a single game will award you a replay, and 5 advances in a single game awards 2 two replays!

Sound easy? well it would be except, turning on the Red 1 bumper, turns off the Yellow 1 bumper, and vice versa.
Whenever you turn on a bumper, it turns off the same bumper of the other colour.

Not so easy now eh?

If getting four advances in a single game seems too hard (which it is!), don't worry. For each advance you have at the end of the game, you are awarded 100 points, up to a maximum of 300 points. If that brings your total score up to 1200, you get a replay.

Additional replays can be earned for 1500 points, and 1700 points.




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