Machine : Hurdy Gurdy
Manufacturer : Gottleib (1966)
Type : EM (Electro-mechanical)

In Hurdy Gurdy, you start with 5 balls, and instead of playing to win a replay, you play to win extra balls.

On the backglass, there are 10 lights, labelled 1 to 10 and each light has a matching target on the playfield.

Hitting the any of the numbered targets on the playfield lights up the corrosponding numbered light on the backglass.
For example, hitting the number 3 target on the playfield lights up the number 3 target on the backglass.

Hit all 10 targets and you'll earn yourself an extra ball.

In addition to the 10 targets on the playfield, the numbers 2, 4, 7 and 9 can each be lit when you lose the ball down one of the four outlanes at the bottom of the table.

There is another way to earn extra balls. In the centre of the table above the flippers, are two targets, one yellow and one green. Hitting one of these targets when the red light below it is lit will award you an extra ball.
In the same fashion, directly below the yellow and green targets, in between the flippers are two lanes through which the current ball can be lost.
If you lose the ball down one of these lanes whilst the red light in that lane is lit, you will be awarded an extra ball.

Full Machine

Centre Targets


Flippers Eye View

Targets 1 to 5

Targets 6 to 10



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