Machine : Jacks Open
Manufacturer : Gottleib (1977)
Type : EM (Electro-mechanical)

Jacks Open has a bank of nine drop targets across the centre of the playfield. The drop targets are each labelled with an A, J, Q, K or 10, indicating an Ace, Jack, Queen, King or 10.

The aim of the game is to knock down certain targets at certain times, effectively giving the player four rounds to complete.

The first round requires you to knock down the two 'J' (or Jack) targets. Knocking down any of the other targets does not have any negative effect here.

The targets are setup in the following order, from left to right:
Ace, Queen King, Jack, Queen, King, Jack, Queen, 10

The second round requires you to kock down all of the queen targets (of which there are three).

The third round sees you needing to drop five targets, all three queens, and the two kings.

In the fourth and final round you must hit one each of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10.

Taken directly from the flyer, 'You need a Pair of Jacks to Open - Knock 'em down and all targets reset for you to go for 3 Queens, get those and on to a Full House, next comes a Royal Flush - make that and you're shooting for "Special" Scores.'


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