Machine : Nags
Manufacturer : Williams (1960)
Type : EM (Electro-Mechanical)

Nags has a very unusual feature in that it has a fully working 6-lane horse race in the backboard.

When you launch a ball, you are assigned a horse at random. In the middle of the playfield is a rotating bank of 6 numbered bumpers.
One of these bumpers will be lit, corrosponding to the number of the house you were assigned.

Each time you hit the lit bumper, your horse moves further along the track, however if you hit a different bumper, a different horse moves down the track.

The goal is to get your horse to the finish line first, and doing so will award you a replay, or even multiple replays if you manage to win the race without using all of your five available balls.

At the top of the table are five lanes, and the ball must roll down any one of these lanes to enter play.
Two of these lanes award 50 points when rolled over, 1 lane moves along all Odd numbered horses whilst one lane moves along all even numbered horses.
The final lane will randomly change the horse assigned to the player if rolled over.
If you're losing the race, aiming for this lane on a new ball can sometimes give you a chance at winning.



Flippers Eye View


Rotating Bumpers


Top Lanes

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