Machine : Warlock
Manufacturer : Williams (1982)
Type : SS (Solid State Electronics)

In order to achieve a good score on Warlok, you must follow two objectives:

The first objective is to knock down the 1, 2 and 3 targets as many times as you can. This will light an extra light in the yellow area above the flippers. The lights in the yellow area all add up to make your bonus score. When you lose the current ball, you are awarded the bonus score.

The second objective is to increase your multiplier as many times as you can, up to maximum of 10.

To increase your mulitplier you must light the X, Y and Z targets at the top of the table by rolling over them. With a maximum bonus of 27,000 points when all lights are lit, and a 10x multiplier you are able to gain a bonus of 270,000.

Considering the replay value is 800,000 you can get a replay just off of the bonus over 3 three balls!

Gameplay Guide

Gameplay Video


Multiplier Lights

1 Targets

2 Targets

3 Targets

Collect Bonus

Flippers Eye View

X, Y, Z Rollovers

Multiplier Lights

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